The Gongloe Global Movement vehemently refutes Diabolical Lies By sSme Political Desperadoes

Press Release

The Gongloe Global Movement (GGM) has vehemently refuted diabolical lies being spread by some political desperadoes that Liberia’s foremost integrity icon and the Standard-Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP), Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe has taken money from the ruling regime of President George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Chang (CDC), in order to support the drowning (CDC), or to take votes from a certain political party.

GGM categorically states that at no time did Counselor Gongloe take a penny from President Weah in order to betray the trust of thousands of voters across the country, who have vowed to prudently cast their votes for Integrity Ticket of the Liberian People’s Party in the October 10, 2023 presidential election.

In a strongly worded press release issued tonight under the signature of Joe Bartuah, Media Consultant of the Gongloe Global Movement, the organization said some status quo politicians who are conspicuously bereft of any iota of credibility and moral rectitude, are desperately resorting to making patently false statements against Counselor Gongloe, because they have now realized that in spite of their yellow-bus and trucking campaign, which is aimed at showing off and hyping their supposed popularity, the Gongloe-Yarkpawolo’s Better Liberia message is fast resonating with the Liberian people all across the country.

From the onset, the same political desperadoes who are now making futile attempts to tarnish the hard-earned reputation of our Integrity Icon were outrightly dismissive, condescending and even contemptuous of the Gongloe Campaign, saying, “The man that poor man’s lawyer; he will not go anywhere”, but as they are seeing the stark reality of the Gongloe movement across the country, they are getting perplexed and utterly confused.

What those myopic status quo politicians didn’t realize at the time is that due to his decades of exemplary public service as a human rights lawyer and a good governance advocate for decades, Gongloe has a reservoir of goodwill out there, which is a crucial political asset that has now been transformed into a robust campaigning process across the country, to the consternation of all the millionaire politicians who are bent on manipulating the people to further steal more public funds from the Liberian people.

Unlike shortsighted politicians who deluded themselves at the onset of this electoral cycle that the Liberian presidency is their birth right, or the 2023 presidential election will be their moment of coronation, Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe and his dynamic running-mate, Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey-Yarkpawolo will continue to tap the goodwill, resilience and determination of the Liberian people by robustly seeking to earn every vote, in order to usher in a transformative governing structure following the 2023 presidential election.

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