Nimba Community in Grand Kru Endorses Pres. Weah, Rep. Koffa & Sen. Chie’s Reelection Bids

Grand Kru County—The community of Nimbaians residing in Grand Kru County has given their overwhelming endorsement to the reelection bids of President George Weah, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, J. Fonati Koffa, and the Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Chie.

This endorsement was declared at a well-attended ceremony held in Doeswen, Dorboh (Bolloh) Statutory District, Grand Kru County on October 6.

Spokesperson Karway Suah, representing the Nimba Kwado community, stated that they have resolved their differences and are fully supportive of these three top Liberian government officials.

Their endorsement signifies their commitment to seeing these individuals reelected.

He said the group’s decision to endorse the thrice is predicated upon the fact that they have been engaged in enormous development initiatives across the country and that they need ample time to do more.

Deputy Speaker Koffa has been actively campaigning for votes in Grand Kru County and has garnered significant endorsements from residents in his constituency. The support he has received, including from the Doeswen community and the Nimba Community in Grand Kru County, has boosted his confidence in his chances of being reelected as the representative for Grand Kru County electoral District #2.

Deputy Speaker Koffa, expressing gratitude for the endorsements, has announced plans to commence his formal reelection victory celebration in Doeswen, Bolloh on October 11. Other communities like Chengbetee and Weayen have also expressed their intention to reelect him.

His confidence in his reelection is supported by the fact that he has received endorsements from a majority of the communities and registered voters in his district.

These recent endorsements represent approximately 82.5% of the communities and registered voters, indicating a significant level of support.

The upcoming presidential and legislative elections in Liberia are fast approaching, and candidates like Deputy Speaker Koffa are actively engaging with voters in their respective districts. Deputy Speaker Koffa’s track record of hard work and accomplishments in his district has endeared him to his constituents and boosted his chances of victory.

It is worth noting that the total number of registered voters in Deputy Speaker Koffa’s district is approximately 22,143, and the recent endorsements signify a majority of these voters showing their support for his reelection.

These endorsements add to the already significant support Deputy Speaker Koffa has received throughout his district in recent weeks, including endorsements from communities and statutory districts such as Buah, Jloh, and Kplio.

Ultimately, the upcoming elections will determine the future leadership that will guide Liberia for the next set of years.

As citizens prepare to cast their votes, Deputy Speaker Koffa remains optimistic about his chances of being reelected based on the strong support he has received from his constituents.

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