Who Is Edward Appleton, The Presidential Candidate Who Took Many Liberians By Surprise

Liberians are said to be pondering over this latest politician, and presidential candidate who is making serious impact after the just ended October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections following his massive pulling of votes at the amazement of Liberians.

Edward W. Appleton Jr., the Standard Bearer of the Grass Roots Development Movement Party, is making headway faster than his rivals who stream their campaign events on five to ten Facebook Live platforms. Appleton Jr., didn’t have a Facebook Live account or a radio talk show during his campaign and cannot be really recognized by many Liberians.

Liberians are shocked by The Ghost in the 2023 General Elections, particularly in Monrovia, the country’s capital. Joseph Toil describes the current individual as a “Ghost,” since such individuals in Liberia constantly spread their messages to the populace through the media and social media platforms.

“Because we believe Facebook is the best and only platform for a candidate to be known during an election, we don’t know him. We think his numbers are manufactured because we never saw him on Facebook talking negatively about other candidates.”

APPLETON is now third on the National Election Commission 2023 Presidential results as 72.92% of the results has been announced. The GDM standard bearer is currently in third place with 28,750 votes and 2.12%, while President Weah lead with 593,558 votes or 43.80%, and UP Boakai follows with 589,977 votes or 43.54%.

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