Weah’s Gov’t Accuse Of Being ‘Mute, Intransigent’ To Deliver Basis Needs And Wants

DRU’s Secretary General, Aaron Manneh

The Dugbe River Union of Liberia has written United States Congressman Chris Smith for speaking well on the current worsening political and economic situations in Liberia where the government has reportedly turn into mute and intransigent to deliver basic needs and wants of its own citizens and residents.

The DRU’s Secretary General, Mr. Aaron Manneh recently wrote US Representative Chris Smith (R- NJ),  a ranking member of Foreign Relations Sub Committee on Africa, being praised for speaking well on the worsening political and economic situations in Liberia.

According to Mr. Manneh, While the governing authority of Liberia remains mute and intransigent to deliver on the basic needs and wants of the people, few officials at the same time acquiring massive wealth, corruption and human right abuses leaving vast majority neglected.

These are “Making it difficult, if not impossible for the holding of free and fair democratic elections under such terroristic environment,” said Mr. Manneh quoting Congressman Smith.

Mr.Aaron Manneh who is a Campaigner for Social Justice in Liberia and an Insider for Amnesty International for Africa, further revealed that the silent majority of Liberians both at home and in the diaspora have joined them to say many thanks to Congressman Chris Smith and others for such brilliant observations made on Liberia during these festive and worsening seasons in post war Liberia.

It can be recalled that Representative Chris Smith and others were again instrumental of getting former President Charles Taylor, a convicted war criminal from the backs of the Liberian people. Now that history begins to repeat itself and for those who failed to follow history become doomed to failure and disgrace.

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