Ukraine says Russian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain detained by Turkey

Photo credit: DW

Turkish customs authorities have detained a Russian cargo ship carrying grain which Ukraine says is stolen, Ukraine’s ambassador to Turkey said on Sunday (3 July).

Last week, a Ukrainian foreign ministry official, citing information received from the country’s maritime administration, said the 7,146 dwt Zhibek Zholy had loaded the first cargo of some 4,500 tonnes of grain from Berdyansk, which the official said belonged to Ukraine.

In a letter dated 30 June to Turkey’s justice ministry, Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office separately that the Zhibek Zholy was involved in the “illegal export of Ukrainian grain” from Berdyansk and headed to Karasu, Turkey, with 7,000 tonnes of cargo, which is a larger cargo than cited by the official.

Turkish customs have detained the Zhibek Zholy, a Russian cargo ship, with 7000 tons of stolen grain from the occupied Berdyansk. The ship was stopped while entering the Turkish port of Karasu. Ukraine expects the vessel and its cargo to be

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