Two Chinses Miners Escape Death In River Cess, As Equipment Burnt To Ashes

Flash Back: A Mining Site

Infuriated residents of River Cess County in southeastern Liberia have reportedly set ablaze a Chinese mining camp and made several attempts to burnt to death the two Chinese investors noting that their waters have been polluted as a result of the mining activities being carried out by the Chinese nationals.

According to a Correspondent of the National Broadcaster, ELBC Radio, the residents of the County got angry when the river from which they fetch drinking water daily was been polluted by the company, a situation, according to the report made youths of the County to move on the Chinese Company’s facilities destroying many of the mining equipment.

The two Chinese investors have reportedly fled the mining compound as a result of threats being made on their lives; the residents allegedly poured petrol on the two Chinese with the attempt to set them ablaze but were fortunately rescued by some bystanders.

The incident which took place few days ago in Morweh District of the County made the Superintendent of the County, Mr. Matthew Daniels to ordered the deployment of police taskforce to arrest the situation.

Superintendent Daniels speaking on the arrest of some of those linked to the incident said this recent action is the second in less than year when residents of the County in the habit usually take law into their hands, noting, “This time those accused of this action will face the full weight of the law,” the River Cess County Superintendent told journalists.

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