Trump Will ‘Protect’ Emergency Declaration If Congress Disapproves, Miller Says

President Trump speaks in the Rose Garden at the White House on Friday to declare a national emergency in order to build a wall along the southern border. Evan Vucci/AP

If Congress votes to disapprove Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, the president is prepared to veto it, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller said on Sunday.

The president is declaring a national emergency to secure up to $8 billion in funding for a barrier on the southern border — more than four times what Congress approved. House Democrats have called Trump’s declaration unlawful, and are considering a joint resolution disapproving of the declaration. Miller’s comments during a Fox News interview made it clear the president is unlikely to back down.

“If they pass a resolution of disapproval, will the president veto that, which would be the first veto of his presidency?” Fox News host Chris Wallace asked.

“Well obviously the president is going to protect his national emergency declaration,” Miller responded.

“So yes, he will veto?” Wallace pressed.

“He’s going to protect his national emergency declaration, guaranteed,” Miller said.

A resolution of disapproval would let Congress overturn Trump’s declaration and would likely pass in the Democratically controlled House of Representatives. But it would face uncertainty in the Senate, where multiple Republican lawmakers would have to join with Democrats in the minority. Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth told ABC’s This Week that she believes the Senate has enough votes for such a resolution.

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