Trump Says U.S.-Russia Ties Have ‘Never Been Worse,’ Blames American ‘Stupidity’

By Margaret Hartmann | @MargHartmann|

When Trump was a lad, U.S. school children would regularly fall to their knees to pray for our friends in Russia. Photo: Bettmann/Bettmann Archive

(New York Magazine) – During the past few weeks, we’ve watched the U.S. president lavish praise on North Korea’s dictator, harshly criticize the British prime minister during his first U.K. trip, and proclaim the European Union our biggest foe. On Monday morning, just before heading to his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Finland, President Trump tweeted some more political analysis from Bizarro World.

First, Trump claimed that NATO leaders called to thank him for bringing about an imaginary diplomatic breakthrough … but of course the crooked media doesn’t want to talk about it!

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