The EU, Sweden,Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN and UNIDO launches Youth Rising TVET Song Competition (Let your Lyrics Inspire)

The Youth Rising project funded by The European Union and Government of Sweden today launched a national song competition entitled “Youth Rising Song Competition: Let your Lyrics Inspire others”.

The competition, which is open to citizens of Liberia age 14-35, provides an opportunity for youth in Liberia to communicate lyrically the Importance of TVET and how young people especially women can benefit gainful employment through Technical Education.

Mr. Rogers Ndege, the CTA and Project Manager, announced the launch of the TVET Song competition today at his Monrovia office. “It’s always exciting to engage with young people, this competition is a fantastic opportunity for young people to use their talents to raise TVET career awareness and promote inclusive youth involvement in the TVET sector in Liberia,” Mr. Ndege stated.

Furthermore, Mr. Rahul De, Chief Executive Officer of Lonestar Cell MTN, believes technical vocational education is extremely important. “We must have men and women in technical fields to provide much-needed services for the country. This is particularly true within the world of telecoms to meet the demands of today’s digitally driven world. We are happy to support this important TVET Song Competition with our cell phone capabilities and social media platforms.

Competition details

• The competition will accept submissions from June 7 to June 18, 2021.

• The competition is open to all citizens of Liberia above 14 years (Parental consent will be

mandatory for any shortlisted contestant below 18 years).

• Duration of the songs should not be more than four (4) minutes.

• The songs must be in English and the lyrics must be provided. Singers can have some words in

their dialect.

• All the songs must be submitted online via Email at / WhatsApp via


• None of the songs must contain any provocative, objectionable or inappropriate content.

• Multiple submissions by the same participant are allowed (Solo and duets can compete).

• By registering for participation in the competition, contestants warrant that their song(s)

is/are original and does/do not violate any Copyright. Anyone found infringing on any

Intellectual Property Rights or Copyright would be disqualified from the competition.

• Once the results announced, they will be published online, and only the winner will be notified

via email/phone.

• There will be no notification to participants of rejected songs.

• UNIDO reserve the right to reject any entry, which does not feel suitable or appropriate or

which does not comply to any of the conditions listed above.

• UNIDO reserve the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the competition and/ or the

terms & conditions/ technical parameters/ evaluation criteria. However, any changes will be

updated/ posted on the online platform and it would be the responsibility of the participants

to keep themselves informed of any changes mentioned above stated for this Contest.

• Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Young Liberian is Supported by The

European Union and Government of Sweden.

• The winner of this competition will be awarded an

o IPhone X

o 6 months Internet data

o Professional Audio and Video

o Opportunity to be our official TVET brand Ambassador

### ENDS###


T Mark Korpu

Communications and Social Media Assistant

United Nations Industrial Development Organization


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