The Chairman Of Asset Recovery and Property Retriever Taskforce, Says $1.9M Needed To Begin

The Chairman of the Asset Recovery and Property Retriever Taskforce, Cllr. Edwin Kla Martin, has disclosed that the Taskforce will need not more than $1.9 Million United States Dollars to begin the process of recovering Liberia’s stolen assets.

Cllr. Martin also revealed that the taskforce will in the next ten days begin to issue a writ of “ne exeat republica” on suspected corrupt individuals.

A “Ne exeat republica” is a writ issued to restrain a person from leaving the jurisdiction of the court pending an action.

The former LACC Chairperson clarified that contrary to the notion in the public that they will move on people for Government Assets, the taskforce will use the court to ensure that the law takes its course.

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