State prosecutions accuses defendant Scott’s brother of tempering with crime scene

By Comfort Johnson|

State Prosecutors Accuses Liberia Former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott’s Brother Anthony Scott of Secretly Entering the Crime Scene at her home where the murder that led to the death of Chorloe Musu.

As the case involving the murder of Charloe Musu reaches its zenith, state prosecutors have informed the Court that the brother of defendant Gloria Musu-Scott, Anthony Musu has been secretly accessing the quarantine home of his sister which is the crime scene under the pretense of feeding dogs.

on Monday, November 27, 2023, State Prosecutors stated: “the Prosecution Office of the County Attorney has been credibly informed by the police detachment and the CSD on the frequent appearance of Anthony Musu who have been accessing the home of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott under the pretense of feeding dogs.”

One of those instances, the brother of defendant Scott, Anthony intentionally broke one of the keys into the doors of of the crime sense and accesses other parts of the building, because of his relationship;

Since his constant access into the home, police have not been able take any action,” the prosecuting attorneys averred.

They requested Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie of Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice to have Mr. Anthony Musu appear before it to explain how he has been accessing the building without the authorization of the court.

The state also wants the Court to have the intruder (Anthony) turn over the keys of the said premises to the Sheriff of the Court after an assessment and investigation of the manner and form, the said premises already quarantined looks.

State prosecutors information comes after defendant Gloria Musu Scott testified in open court that prior to the death of Charloe Musu, her premises was vandalized on two occasions.

Prosecution believes that the investigation of Anthony will established the credibility as to whether or not the premises vandalized why the keys are in the possession of Anthony Musu who frequently access the said premises.

In resistance to the information from state prosecutors, lawyers representing defendant Scott described the statement as misleading and request the court to verify some of the misleading information uttered by government’s lawyer.

The defense team said it is the police who have been on duty and any vandalism on that residence would be attributed to the police.

They stated that infact it is because Anthony Musu does not have access to the residence that is why the dogs that are in the fence of defendant Gloria Scott have not been fed and may probably die.

The court having listened to the application, ordered the Clerk of Court to invite the commander of Zone 6 and his men who are assigned to the resident of Gloria Scott and also Anthony Musu to report for investigation on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

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