Over 3000 Liberian Women Trafficked In Oman Crying For To Return Home

Victims of human trafficking in Oman

The yearlong cries of over 3000 young Liberian women being trafficked in the Arab nation of Oman seems not to be listened to, as the women are urging the Liberian government to quickly do something

Some of the women speaking from that country on a local radio crying say they are being torture, rape and deprived of human dignity by their traffickers, and are therefore calling on the Liberian government to come to their refuge through repatriation.

According to the females, they were taken out of Liberia with an agreement with some unidentified individuals to provide job opportunities for them in Oman.

But while in that country, they claimed of being tortured, raped, molested and some killed by individuals who they have literally been sold to as laborers.

OK FM  is yet to identify some of the individuals, who have partnered with the Liberian women to sign unto a document for a foreign job in Oman.

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