Opposition ANC Leader Alexander Cummings Speaks On Several Issues, Including Justice Ja’net’s Impeachment And The Alleged ‘Missing Billions’

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC)  has added his voice to the impeachment saga of a member of the Supreme Court Bench, Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’net describing his impeachment proceeding as ‘Misplacement’.

“I think there’s no basis for the judge’s impeachment; I think it is an attempt by the Executive branch to try to control a separate branch of government; the Judiciary branch and, it is a violation of the separation of powers. I fundamentally disagree with the case that is being propounded to impeach Judge Ja’neh.”

Several lawmakers led by ruling party legislators are pursuing impeachment articles against the high court justice.

Commenting on the ongoing saga of the mission billions in Liberian dollars from the National Bank ANC Leader Cummings called for inclusion of discussion of the 25 million US dollar the Weah Administration claimed it infused in the economy to mop up deteriorating local currency.

The country’s Finance and Planning Minister Samuel Tweah recently disclosed at a Parliamentary hearing that unnamed local money changers were used by government to undertake the “mopping up” of Liberian dollars on the market instead of commercial banks.

A forensic investigation is underway into the missing money.

“I think that’s perhaps what most Liberians should be angry about is the fact that you have a government, where the Justice Minister said one thing about the missing money, you have the Information Ministry saying something else, you have the Minister of  Finance saying something else and subsequently change on what he said and you have the Governor saying something else. You wonder why we are not getting investors in this country…that’s one of the primary reasons because business people and investors are confused, they are alarmed…”, Cummings explained.

In a separate development, Liberia’s National Security Council (NSC) has identified the lack of citizens’ access to electric power as “…a national security emergency and, as such, MUST be treated with the outmost sense of urgency…”

According to a Press Statement issued on Friday, “….the NSC has instructed the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and its partners to take advantage of the relevant provision(s) of the PPC Law dealing with National Security matters by single sourcing ALL electricity procurement processes.”

Liberia has struggled for nearly 20 years with the inability to generate reliable power since major infrastructures were destroyed, damaged or looted during the country’s devastating civil wars in the 1990s.

The Liberian NSC decision comes at the same time a Report was made to President George M. Weah on a scary standoff and shooting incident on last Sunday.

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) was shot and wounded by a member of the elite Presidential guard just prior to a scheduled international soccer match between Liberia and Zimbabwe at the national sports stadium outside of the capital Monrovia.

Recommendations of the investigation report,  which has been approved by President Weah, called for the dismissal of the Chief of Operations of the Presidential Guard Shadrick Nyantee, and the dismissal and prosecution of Special Agent Abu Thompson for unlawful discharge of a fire arm.

Source: Emmanuel Abalo |African Star

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