Choosy Dismissals Underway In Weah’s Gov’t? As Int’l Partners Want Him To Consider Four If Gov’t Must Succeed – Source

Insider of Liberia’s donor partners abroad has hinted this news outlet recently that if the George Weah led Government is to succeed and bring dignity and trust to the suffering Liberian people, those our source considered as ‘Bad apples’ in his Government should be plugged out.

Our source who sounded affirmative about the slowdown of support to the CDC led government if the President fails to adhere to the recommendation of the international community to transfer or dismiss four key officials, who our source indicated are the President buddies, the success of this government from the international community will always be bleak.

“These officials have resolved without the interest of the majority to plunder the wealth of this country with impunity while the majority are drowning in abject poverty, this President will have to be decisive in taking decision that will be in the interest of the Liberian people and not a few,” our source via a mobile from the United State said.

“Since he believed that these officials are his buddies and want to keep them in government, he must see reason for their immediate transfer instead of their current positions,” our source stressed. When asked as to who are these officials, he named Samuel Tweah; the Minister of Finance, Development and Planning, Nathaniel McGill; the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Jefferson Koijee; the City Mayor of Monrovia, and Inspector Patrick Sudu, the Chief  of Police, these guys are not committed to their jobs,” our source said.

Our source speaking further said, “The mismanagement of the Country resources by some officials of the George Weah led government is troubling; they are harming this youthful leader of Liberia, this situation currently taken place in Liberia is also not healthy for the region.”

Liberians themselves are pondering over the current situation they are being faced with under the CDC led Government, questioning its sincerity to govern Liberia for six years under its tag name: The Pro-Poor.

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