Nimba Citizens Dump Prince Johnson Call On President Weah To Sign And ‘Fast-track’ Establishment Of War And Economic Crimes Court

Flash Back: General Prince Y. Johnson and one of his child soldiers during Liberia’s senseless civil war

The people of Nimba County are calling on the Liberian leader, President George Weah to sign and fast-track the establishment of war and economic crimes court for Liberia, noting that those who perpetrated the war from their county that killed innocent people and destroyed Liberia’s infrastructural development are boasting nowadays with the culture of impunity.

Benjamin Yeaten Still A Fugitive From Justice

At the legislature, seven of the eleven lawmakers from Nimba County have reportedly signed the resolution calling for the establishment of war and economic crimes court for Liberia, backing their respective citizens in the county.

According to our correspondent in the county, hundreds of Nimba citizens have said the establishment of the court for Liberia will in the future discourage those who believe that war should be their answer in whatever they wish to be achieved, stressing that those who perpetrated the war that made thousands to flee their homes while their relatives being slaughtered in cold blood be brought to book to face justice.


Former NPFL General, Roland Duo

“We are tired of people boasting around here that they are our champions; after killing our people in cold blood. We are calling on the President to please fast track the establishment of this court, and allow those who committed crimes against innocent people be put on trial, and if found guilty be dealt with accordingly,” Jeremiah Saye of Ganta City in a chat with GNN lamented.

Like Jeremiah Saye, others who spoke to our reporter in the county in sampling interviews stressed similar views, adding that the people of Nimba have resolved to do away with shielding those who were previously considered as war heroes to allow themselves face war crimes court for their countless atrocities committed during Liberia’s fifteen years brutal civil war that took the lives of over 250,000.

Adolphus Dolo, aka General Peanut Butter

Recently addressing members of his Fellowship Chapel last Sunday, the former warlord turned politician and evangelist, Prince Y. Johnson described those opting for a war and economic crimes court as ‘Toilet tissue”, adding that its implementation will be a fiasco.

Fifty lawmakers have generally attested their signatures to the instrument; calling for the establishment of the court awaiting the Liberian leader to sign it into law for its immediate implementation, while at the same some lawmakers from the ruling party have reportedly boycotted the signing of the document.

According to a local daily, the New Dawn newspaper has reported that six members of the House of Representatives, all from the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, including Speaker Bhofal Chambers have refused to affix their signatures to a resolution, calling for the establishment of an extraordinary criminal court for Liberia to prosecute international crimes, particularly from the 14-year Liberian civil war.

However, more than two-thirds majority (50) of the 73-members House of Representatives signed the resolution, calling on President George Manneh Weah to contact the United Nations, international partners, institutions and civil society organizations for assistance to establish an extraordinary criminal court here that allows trials of international crimes in accordance with international standards and best practice

Writes: Joel Cholo Brooks

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