NEC Certificates President-elect, Joseph Boakai And Vice President-elect

Following his official certificate on by the National Elections Commission (NEC) along with his vice president-elect, Jeremiah Koung, Ambassador Joseph Boakai has vowed to pursue the pathway of peace and development after his inauguration.

“Over the next few weeks, and during my inauguration, my vice president and I will set out a roadmap for progress and development,” he said.

He added: “We will fully  articulate the pathway to peace and development and progress of our country.” He said Liberians have acknowledged the reward of collective endurance.

According to him, Liberians did not only vote, but they also protected their votes.

So, he said, such victory will be meaningless if Liberians can not benefit from the dividend of democracy.

Such victory should be felt in every city, town village in Liberia and reverberate in all the regions and the world.

“Therefore, I call upon all Liberians to join us in rebuilding this country.”

He commended President George Weah for conceding early defeat even when the final result from the NEC had not been released.

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