Muslims Stoned a Young Somalian to Death For Embracing Christianity As His Religion

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Muhammad Abu Kar Abraham, A young Somalian have been Stoned to death for apostasy for converting to Christianity in an incident that have attracted widespread condemnation from activist and social media users notably Facebook and Twitter.

The commentors said the world have grown pass the era of stoning and forced religion citing that everyone have right to choose their religion.

According to the man who posted the information on Facebook, Muhammad is among the thousands that have died in Somalia for attempting to change their faith.

Such public stoning is meant to instill fear in others who may have been planning to dump Islam for other religions. Public stoning for apostasy and blasphemy is a crucial part of the sharia.

The stoning of Muhammad is meant to serve as a deterrent to others because they will surely meet the same fate if they attempt to dump what they describe as ‘one and only true religion’. In Nigeria, some have been amputated for dumpling Islam for Christianity.

The northern part of Nigeria is mainly Muslims and this is the area enmeshed with terrorism and bandits. Some have attempted to convert to Christianity but have met a sorry and pathetic end except a few that were fortunate to flee to the southern part of Nigeria, those were not quick to flee pay with their lives. Somalia is an Islamic country.

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