MOPNEL Rubbishes Speaker Chambers’ Oblivious Utterances Against Koffa’s Speakership Bid

The pro-democracy, governance and advocacy group – Movement for Promotion for Non-violence Elections in Liberia has condemned the utterances of outgoing Speaker of the 54th Legislature Dr. Bhofal Chambers for characterizing Deputy House Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa as a compromised lawmaker who has rendered himself unfit to preside over the incoming 55th Legislature.

A press statement issued on Wednesday, 27 December 2023 by MOPNEL through its Executive Director, Bobby W. Dixon, states it is foolhardy for outgoing House Speaker Chambers to tarnish the reputation of Deputy Speaker Koffa, a profound lawmaker and jurist who has claimed international recognition for primarily championing human rights bills in the interest of Liberian women.

MOPNEL says as members of the incoming 55th Legislature prepare to go to the polls in January 2024, Speaker Chambers, who was defeated by Anthony Williams for the Pleebo Sodoken District Representative seat in Maryland County but has taken a recourse to the court, has the temerity to assassinate the character of Deputy House Speaker Koffa out of frustration because he feels he will no longer be the third most important man in Liberia in line with succession to the Liberian presidency.

MOPNEL notes outgoing Speaker Chambers’ outburst is misplaced aggression and should be thrown under the bridge because it lacks substance.

The pro-democracy, governance and advocacy group reiterates that Deputy House Speaker Koffa will be elected by his colleagues in January 2024 as Speaker of the incoming 55th Legislature because he is erudite, unassuming, gracious, affable and a legal scholar lawmaker. MOPNEL further notes that Cllr. Koffa is the best for the Speakership because he has the credentials, temperament, composure, he is humble, accessible, and approachable and more importantly, he is courteous and gracious to his colleague Representatives and legislative staffers, and he relates to all irrespective of which party one is a member of.

MOPNEL further adds, Cllr. Koffa’s friendly and appealing demeanor, cordial relationship, and peaceful nature with all at the House of Representatives have earned him loads of favors and confidence from among colleagues and staffers—thus increasing his electability standing as the members of the House of Representatives of the incoming 55th Legislature edges towards electing a new Speaker of the House.

“Rep. Koffa’s approach to politics is patriotic in context wherein he sees Liberia first, not partisanship, cronyism, tribalism, and regionalism. With such a brilliant and nationalistic mentality, he aligns with each of his colleagues, void of party alignment, whenever the need arises, and he essentially does so for the common good of Liberia.

This should be the cognition and character of people who aspire to national leadership and such people must be permitted to lead because with them at the helm, Liberia is bound to blossom into prosperity.,” MOPNEL emphasis.

While speaking to the Voice of Hope in Pleebo, Maryland County, the defeated Bhofal Chambers of Pleebo Sodoken District ignorantly branded Deputy Speaker saying, “We have somebody who has been compromised, the current deputy speaker who wants to be speaker”

Chambers accused Representative Koffa of being a personal lawyer for a number of public and private institutions, a contravention of the Liberian. He also accused Cllr. Koffa of undermining the Office of the Speaker, a claim the presumptive Speaker of the 55th Legislative has categorify denied and rubbished.

MOPNEL wonders why it is now that outgoing Speaker Chambers is branding the Deputy Speaker of being compromised? It is because he Chambers will no longer be Speaker of the House of Representative, where he only sought self-interests at the detriment of the Liberian people? If Deputy Speaker Koffa was compromised in Chambers’ words, why didn’t he initiative legislative proceedings against Deputy Speaker Koffa in keeping with the Liberian constitution? “Outgoing speaker Chambers’ accusation only leads to laughter and nothing else.”

Deputy speaker Koffa is standing in the elections to replace Speaker Bhofal Chambers, who is challenging the Pleebo Sodoken district, representative election result between him and former student leader, Anthony F. Williams of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Concluding, MOPNEL join Deputy House Speaker Koffa to rubbish claims suggesting that the presumptive Speaker is the personal lawyer to a few public and private entities in the country.

MOPNEL believes the outgoing Speaker of the House, Dr. Chambers is suffering from trauma caused by his defeat to Mr. Anthony Williams for the Pleebo Sodoken District Representative Seat in Maryland County, which should have put him in a position to once again contest the Speakership of the 55th Legislature, but sadly for Chambers, he has to rely on the judicial system for help, hoping that a rerun will make him win that seat that he has already lost to Anthony Williams.

MOPNEL, once again calls on members of the 55th Legislature to consciously listen to the outcries of their respective constituents and elect their colleague, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives due to what he has to offer in the First Branch of Government in Liberia rather than listen to falsehood being put there by detractors who have no stake in the Legislature

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