MDMC Boss Files Ejectment Action Against Twelve Person For Trespassing

By Comfort M. Johnson

(LINA) – The manager and CEO of the Modern Development Management Corporation Mr. John Youboty has filed an action of ejectment against twelve persons to recovery a piece of property in the Mount Barclay area which he alleged the defendants have trespassed.

The MDMC Chief Executive Officer, said the company owns seventeen acres in the Mount Barclay community which they bought from the Bettie family since 2013.

He further stated in his testimony that,  it was in 2011 we started looking for a piece of property to own, so that we can built our Alpha plant for road construction in Liberia.

so we went to Mount Barclay at the time that area was completely bush, we later asked people around there concerning said land, and was directed to one Siafa  Bright, who told us that the his parents bought from the Bettie family.

The MDMC case is currently before the Civil Law Court “B” on an action of Ejectment, where twelve men are facing trial.

Upon given us the information, we met the Bettie family, they were so truthful to us, said that the land case is before the Supreme Court which they all are waiting on, few months later we visited the Bettie’s family and they told us they won the case at the Supreme Court level so the lands was now theirs.

We” was so happy MDMC CEO pointed out, so we stated talking business, where we requested for the ruling of the Supreme Court, letter of administration, to oversee the Bettie’s family land that has been taken over by them.

He noted that this was in 2012, they agree and we came for Court decree of sale, all of said documents we requested for were all given to us, based on those presentation we decided to proceed with them the Bettie’s family, and we agreed on prices and then issued three separated chicks to them and upon cashing of those checks, they issued three separate deeds.

Then in 2014 Ebola crises came but prior to that we have clear certain area to leave our mark on the land the purpose of that was to build alpha plant and establish a real estate, noting we clear certain area to leave our mark.

Because we brought 36, 4oft container were brought on the land awaiting the engineer to construct the Alpha plant, then Ebola strike and we felt away, but we did not just leave, we left in charge our real estate manager and the real estate person to take care of the land.

When we came back in 2015, after Ebola subsided, we met cornerstone planted all over our property, and we informed the police to the people from trespassing our land.

He further indicated that, the trespasser did not listen instead they ran to the magisterial Court in Bentol and sued MDMC thru their counsel, and the Court rendered judgment in our favor.

Meanwhile the case continues more testimony.

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