Lofa County Senatorial By-Election, Joseph Jallah Conceal CDC To Be On ‘Independent Ticket’

Senator-Elect, Joseph Jallah and Rep Thomas Fallah

Cllr. Joseph Jallah who contested against several others including a candidate of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) has officially announced his membership for Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

GNN investigation discovered that this gone Lofa County by-election was highly controversial and political, with information received revealed that some executives of Liberty including the current Lofa County Senator, Steve Zargo, and Abraham Darius Dillon were reportedly ly involved in the election of Joseph Jallah, who was declared by the National Elections Commission (NEC) last week.

Zargo, the current Senator for Lofa County is a Lorma, while the newly elected Senator Jallah hailed from the Gbandi tribe, some political analysts who spoke to GNN over the weekend revealed that the reason why both Senators   Zargo and Dillon congratulated Senator-elect, Joseph Jallah is, if Garlakpai Kortimai of the Unity Party would have won the election, who is also from the Lorma tribe likewise Senator who also is a Lorma would cripple his (Zargo) chances to be reelected from that part of Lofa.

The election of Jallah witnessed the active role played by executives of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) despite his role to contest as Independent candidate; during the entire campaign to made Jallah to win,  top officials of the CDC, including the Comptroller General of the Republic of Liberia and also Secretary General of the governing party (CDC), Janka Kowo, and the Chairman on House’s Committee on Ways and Means and Finance, Montserrao County Representative, Thomas Fallah were seen vigorously campaigning.

After  the election of Jallah, Abraham Darius Dillon of Liberty Party was  to congratulate the Lofa County Senator-elect, a situation that pondered many, due to the relationship between the Unity Party and Liberty Party that form part of the Collaborating of Political Parties (CPP). Some opposition political parties members who spoke to GNN said both Senators created the avenue for the defeat of the UP candidate.

Observers believed the concealing of CDC to go Independent ticket was to openly put the electorates under false pretend that he had no dealings with the ruling parties, recounting that previous candidates who contested on the tickets of CDC did not win, like Representative Thomas Fallah who wanted ti contest for the Senatorial seat for Montserrado County but was  was massively flogged by Dillon of the Liberty Party.

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