Liberians Anxiously Await Findings On Investors’ $5M Inducement

President Weah’s legal Advisor, Archibald Bernard

Since the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah announced the suspension of the Executive Mansion Special Project Coordinator, Madam Makenneh L. Keita for alleged involvement in the ‘Solicitation’ of Five Million United States Dollars from two South African investors in order to be granted access to Liberia’s investment opportunity, the findings of the investigation is yet to be released.

President George Manneh Weah on the 22nd of August, 2021 ordered the legal Advisor to the President, Archibald Bernard to launch an immediate investigation into the matter, the public is yet to hear about the investigation neither its finding, a situation that pondered those who spoke to our reporter over the weekend.

During his pronouncement for the suspension of Madam Keita, the Liberian leader reiterated his instruction to all government officials to act in conformity with the laws of Liberia.

He also warned would-be investors to work directly with the National Investment Commission (NIC) if they desire to invest in the country, the Executive Mansion press release issued, said.

Effort to contact the Legal Advisor to the President, Counselor Archibald Bernard who was given the authority to probe the allegation against Madam Keita last week via mobile phone did not however materialize.

Recently GNN Liberia and Smart News Liberia launched an investigation based on report of an alleged solicitation of a Five Million United States Dollars in order to award an investment opportunity to two South African investors who arrived in the country recently.

In order to ascertain the facts surrounding the alleged ‘bribe’, both online institutions made all efforts to contact Madam Keita and those who were allegedly linked to this deal via mobile phone calls and text messages, Madam Keita who was highlighted in the alleged scandal deliberately refused to have an audience with the journalists, but instead responded to the journalists’ inquiry aggressively.

The release of the findings on this alleged bribery scandal will clearly bring relief to those who have itching ears, and are those who are anxious to hear the truth about this allegation.

Investigation continues

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