Liberian Delegation Off To Kenya For Global Mental Health Confab

A delegation from Liberia has departed for Nairobi, Kenya to participate in the Global Mental Health Conference aimed at raising awareness on mental health by engaging world leaders and policy makers to contribute more to improving the sector nationally.

The delegation consists of Liberian representatives from the Carter Center Mental Health Program, Cultivation for Users’ Hope, Liberia Center for Outcomes Research on Mental Health and the Mental Health Reporters’ Network.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency (LINA) in Monrovia on Monday, Benedict Dossen, who is head of the Carter Center Mental Health Program, noted that this year’s conference is focused on addressing issues of stigmatization and discrimination faced by persons living with mental disorders and creating a platform for their voices to be heard and sharing their experiences.

According to him, the five-day conference will be categorized by series of activities such as the “Speak Your Mind Campaign” led by United Global Mental Health, and will help to put together a tool kit to fight stigma.

Dossen pointed out that the first part of the event will focus on what exactly the campaign against stigma and discrimination has done over the years and come out with new strategies.

“The conference is also intended to empower campaign leaders on mental health to become better advocates in terms of engaging policy-makers and stakeholders to support and fight stigma against mental health,” he indicated.

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