As Gasoline Crisis Continues, Prophet Gives Early Warnings, Predicts Shortage Of Rice On Liberian Market Soon

Flash Back: Members of the Aladura Church in Monrovia during one of the programs

As Liberians murmur over the current situation being encountered; the shortage of gasoline on the Liberian market seems to publicly reawaken a prediction from the public that following the ongoing gasoline crisis in the country, another nightmare Liberians should expect in the near future will be the shortage of the country’s stable food RICE.

Speaking to the GNN today, February 12, 2020, a Liberian Prophet who claimed to be a member of the Aladura Church in central Monrovia, Jonah Daniels predicted that over the past months there has been series of problems that Liberians have gone through and will further go through due to God’s disappointment in the people of the country.

Speaking further Prophet Daniels said, “We need to pray for this country, and the government that is in power, if you can remember last year it was a serious issue of the shortage of Liberian Dollars on the Liberian market, this situation created serious embarrassment for this government. Now there is another situation; the shortage of gasoline on the Liberian market – watch my world there will be the third one to come, the shortage of RICE, out stable food at the end of this year if the leadership of this country fails to do its homework,”  Prophet Daniels speaking to the GNN predicted.

“God is vexed with the people of Liberia, there is a need to pray for this nation,” the Prophet speaking in tongues; a spiritual way of speaking to God also disclosed that the leadership of Liberia must seek the face of God if this government of President Weah is to succeed in all its undertakings.

He said the people of Liberia are suffering today, because they have refused to seek his face, noting, “Liberians must be prepared now by making sure that enough rice are kept in their homes; the issue of the shortage of RICE in the country will soon craw in the country like what is been done now with the issue of gasoline,” he warned.

He said the shortage of gasoline on the Liberian market is not an ordinary thing, but God must be placed in whatever this government want to do or is doing. “Look what our neighbor  is doing in coming to our rescue to solving our gasoline crisis. This government must do something now,” concluding, the Prophet warned.

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