LIBERIA: Youth Activist Wants Further Probe Into Multiple Rape Allegations

The President of the Students Against Corruption (SAC), a renowned nationwide students and youth advocacy group, has demanded further investigation into multiple allegations of rape brought against Eric Wowoh, Executive Director of the Change Agent Network (CAN).

It could be recalled that Mr. Wowoh was accused by some female students of committing sexual abuses on the campuses of schools run by CAN, especially at Heart of Grace in Johnsonville.

He was later cleared by the Liberia National Police (LNP) mixed reactions into the findings after investigating the matter; however, there have been serious public mixed reactions into the report.

And amid public mixed reactions, Youth Activist Dennis wants all doubts be clear with the conduct of further or new investigation into the allegations, which according to him, is not a crime.

Dennis is demanding another probe into the matter because according to him, the lead investigator, Sgt. Edmond Beyean of the Liberia National Police (LNP) was not the one initially assigned to the case by the LNP as indicated by Spokesman H. Moses Carter.

Predicated upon this, the youth activist is calling on the Ministry of Justice to launch a further probe into the matter.

He pointed out that the essence of such investigation is not to indict Wowoh at all cost, but to promote public confidence in the works of the police.

“The Liberian government through the Ministry of Justice of the police should assign independent female investigators to investigate these multiple of allegations which came out in the public after the release of the report from the LNP, in which the victims were not able to speak to the matter,” he furthered.

Daniel also stated that victims have been in touch with him and are living in fear, and as such, this issue must not be taken so lightly.

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