Minister Designate Complacency To Fix ‘ Lane’ To Offices Of The Presidency Creates Concern

After many months, or maybe a year acting as Minister of Public Works, amid her official appointment by the Liberian President, President George Manneh Weah, during that period of her acting portfolio, this Minister, according to investigation did all she could to impress the Liberian people in justifying her preferment to be appointed as the proper Minister of that ministry following the death of Mobutu Nyanpen who was then the Minister.

Ruth Coker-Collins’ official appointment by the Liberian leader recently received heavy commendations from the public, after series of calls from some civil society organizations for her appointment as a full Minister of the Ministry of Public Works, a call that was graciously accepted paving way for her full status (Minister) awaiting her confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

What seem to be the most disheartened situation on the part of the acting Minister of Public Works, is her alleged complacency on the part of her for not been curious to handle and recondition a piece lane leading to both the Capitol Building (the official office of Liberian lawmakers) and the Executive Mansion (official residence and office of the Liberian presidency) from central Monrovia.

This piece of road which is becoming deplorable each day with feces overwhelming vehicles owner and by passers as a result of its ‘Bad smells’ and pop holds with feces oozing, must be taken care of by the Public Works Ministry; this Minister ahead of her confirmation must see reasons in the rapid recondition of this piece of road.

It is not healthy for both the by passers and vehicles riders who on a daily basis move through such nasty piece of road to the country’s Capitol Hill and the Presidency official residence and office, GNN is calling on the ministry to rapidly handle this lane leading to these respective offices of the Liberian government, amid the confirmation of its Minister designate.

Writes: Joel C. Brooks

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