LIBERIA: Was President Weah’s Security Compromised?  Following Convoy Being Stuck In Huge Traffic For Hours

Flash Back: President Weah convoy moving through a waiving crowd

The movement of the Liberian presidency was halted in a very huge traffic yesterday, November 13, 2020 in the suburb of Paynesville, a situation that led to the President George Weah’s security to reportedly be compromised.

Amid planned Council of Patriots (CoP) protest on November 15, 2020, Liberians were frightened as to the deliberate stoppage of the convoy of the Liberian presidency which could not move freely on the SKD Boulevard.

As to the seriousness of such life-threatening situation of the President many got concern as to what would have happened to their president, questioning as to why there was no early warning of the movement of the presidential convoy prior to the movement of the President.

Due to the mass standoff of vehicles, riders of some of the stuck vehicles had to get out of their respective vehicles to walk to their locations, while the president convoy was still at a standstill.

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