Liberian Oil And Gas Expert Seeks Justice As Foreigners Rob Him Of Millions Of United States Dollars – Part I

Mr. Salu Kimba

As some Liberians trying at all cost to earn a successful living by venturing into successful businesses around the world, others are doing all in their so call connections to pull down the efforts of these struggling Liberians both at home and abroad by trying to hijack their successes which they have over the years enlarged.

Such scenario is the case of Mr. Salu K. Kimba, a legal consultant to Eastgate South Africa, and Chief Executive Officer of Salu Oil and Gas Investment LTD, also a potential senatorial candidate for Bomi County who alleged that he has been  robbed of over three millions Euros by some foreigners who he said are been backed by a sitting member of the House of Representatives

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the GNN recently in Monrovia, Mr. Kimba who appeared frustrated at the office, also alleged that information received has indicated that some people have reportedly been paid to eliminate him in order for him not to Expose those allegedly behind these unwarily, and ugly situation that led to him to be duped of millions of United States Dollars.

Explaining his ordeal to the GNN, Mr. Kimba said he has written several communications to relevant government institutions and authorities, expressing frustration over his nightmare after being duped out of millions of Euros by two foreigners including an Ivorian/Burkinabe identified as Eric Jain and Asaitou Kone through the connection of a member of the National Legislature without remorse, denied him of his just payment.

Narrating his ordeal to the GNN, the oil and gas expert said, he was introduced to John Sunday Ekuchuku Udu, a Nigerian from Abara State, bearing a Guinea Bissau passport and based in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria respectfully and  further indicated  that one Alpha Diallo a Guinean citizen based in Guinea and Senegal, Assitou Kone who he said is the legal wife to Alpha Diallo an Ivorian citizen also based in Cote D’Ivore and  Martura Bangura also a Guinea, and based in Conakry  respectively were on a gold and diamond transaction worth over Thirty-Two Million Euros in which a confidence between him and them was built, but disclosed that these contracts were bridged and they were circumvented.

Mr. Kimba further told our staff that in January of 2019, John Sunday Ekuehuku Udu visited Liberia as guest of Bernice Famaya who worked at the Liberia Petroleum Corporation (LPRC) and invested Five Million Euros from the Thirty-two Million Euros into a Real Estate  in her name, he also disclosed that in the same year  (2020) of the same month (January), he John Sunday Ekuehuku Udu also visited his home country (Nigeria) and invested funds from the Thirty-Two Million Euros; Assitou Kone also visited Liberia as guest of one Margaret Taylor and invested 1.5 Million Euros into Real Estate as well; while Alpha Diallo invested in Real Estate  within Guinea and Senegal respectfully.

In a communication addressed to the Judge of Criminal Court ‘B’, Ceaneh D. Clinton – Johnson on December 3, 2019, Mr. Kimba also complained that his partnership to those listed including Alberto Brima, Sunday Akuchuku Udo, Alpha Diallo, Assituo Kone have decided to jointly robbed him of fees which was previously agreed upon, but been bridged by these unscrupulous individuals who are reportedly claiming to be successful investors.

In our subsequent posting details will be released regarding the duping of the Liberian oil and gas expert by foreigners and those Liberians behind his nightmare including a sitting lawmaker.

Investigations Continue

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