Senator Prince Johnson’s kinsman questioned his Nationality, says he is a Sierra Leonean, but the Senator rubbishes such

L/R: Senator Prince Johnson and Representative Larry P. Younquoi

Two sons of Nimba County, who are also members of the National Legislature seems to be at each other’s throat with one announcing that his colleague is not a Liberian but rather a Sierra Leonean.

The drama unfolded when Nimba County electoral district eight Representative Larry P. Younquoi disclosed on a local radio station that Senator Prince Y. Johnson’s father is a Sierra Leonean who came to Liberia prior to he (Prince Johnson) birth.

Representative Younquoi and Senator Johnson hail from the same county.  His reaction was based on an earlier statement made on early this week by the Senator against Taa Wongbe, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) senatorial aspirant for Nimba County, calling him an alien.

According to Representative Younquoi, Senator Johnson’s mother is from Gormaplay in Buuyao, Nimba electoral district five and his father is a Sierra Leonean, stressing, “We don’t know Senator Johnson father’s home and you calling somebody whose father was a Director General of the Civil Service Agency and born in the place as alien? Senator Johnson was faint-hearted on that issue,” he said.

Responding to Rep. Younquoi, Senator Johnson described his colleague as a person who is insane, and needs the attention of medical doctors, adding, “Younquoi must be crazy, he must urgently seek serious medical attention before it gets worst,” Senator Johnson reacting to Representative Younquoi’s insinuation said.

Also responding to Rep. Younquoi, Deputy Commerce Minister for Administration, Wilfred Bangura who is also an executive member of Senator Johnson’s Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction party said Representative Younquoi went overboard by attacking the authority, origin of Senator Johnson.

He said the lawmaker was too emotional adding “the way he proceeded was completely out of order.”

Sentaor Johnson Not Liberator, But Killer

Representative Younquoi also said Senator Johnson shouldn’t be celebrated as the liberator of Nimbaians.

Representative Younquoi said Senator Johnson has been living on past glory because nobody has engaged him to tell him the truth as done by him [Younquoi].

“He talks about defending Nimba, the people that himself killed along the way including those that he left in the house and blasted in Bong Mines. Nimbaians that have gone to beg him to reconcile the county. Only the ones that were killed by government forces you considered Nimbaians?” he said.

The Nimba District eight lawmaker revealed that families of people killed by Senator Johnson are willing to testify.

“So, he should stop saying he protected Nimba, we know people who protected Nimba,” he added.

He lamented that Senator Johnson continues to remind Liberians of the war years despite people trying to move on with their lives.

“Let him desist from doing that, he will be my best friend, but as long as he continues to open his mouth to insult me, I will continue to challenge him. Senator Johnson has divided Nimba politically,” he added.

Senator Prince Yormie Johnson has repeatedly bragged of liberating Nimbaians during the brutal Liberian civil war that claimed several thousand lives and properties worth thousands of dollars destroyed.

The former rebel leader of the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia (INPFL) is on record of capturing and killing President Samuel Kanyon Doe in September 1990.

Senator Johnson has maintained that he took arms in defense of his kinsmen who he said were suppressed and oppressed by the Samuel Doe’s regime and were heading for extermination.

According to him, despite his sacrifice, some Nimbaians including Representative Larry Younquoi are not appreciative, but are calling for the establishment of war and economic crimes court to prosecute him.

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