LIBERIA: Palm Spring Resort undergoes massive Renovation

Palm Spring Resort undergoes massive renovation

Palm spring Resort, one of Liberia’s leading hotels has embarked on a massive renovation exercise intended to improve the quality of services.

With over 60 well furnished rooms and suites, the management of the hotel said the renovation has become necessary due to the influx of more guests over the past year.

“More to that, we want to carry out the renovation to make it better than before which will lead to its status increasing to five stars hotel,” a senior manager said.

The hotel with one of the best swimming  pools among  other hotels in Liberia, according to many tourists, when renovation completed, will add more value to its already impressive pedigree.

Palm spring resort has Casino; both open air  and in house bar, conference halls, reception centers, boutique, visa, master card machines among  other.

A senior officer there said the intention for the renovation is to further increase the number of rooms as well as expand and improve the facilities.

“At times, the hotel used to be full to capacity and there will be more demands; thus compelling us to transfer our customers to other hotels. We do not want this to be the case any longer. So, that is why we decided to undertake the renovation.”

On the level of completion, the official said, “we welcome it. Competition is not strange to us. As a matter of fact, others are worried as this renovation is going on. Once we complete, which will be later on this year, will add more value to our hotel.”  TNR

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