LIBERIA: NBC Boss Alleges Physical, Verbal Attacks By Two Deputies

(LINA) – The Director-General of the National Bureau of Concessions (NBC), Gregory Coleman, has accused his two deputies of physically attacking and ‘feloniously’ restraining him at the office of the Bureau on Wednesday.

“The Deputy Director-General for Administration (DDGA), Daddy Gibson, and the Deputy Director-General for Concessions (DDGC), Nathaniel Bracewell, aggressively entered my office and physically attacked me, pointing fingers in my face, insulting me and violently banging on my desk, while the DDGA stood in the visitor’s chair and the DDGC took comfort in sitting on my desk,” Coleman stated in a communication to staffs of NBC Thursday.

But the two Deputies denied the allegations, when asked by the Liberia News Agency (LINA) on Thursday, stating that “at no point in time did we assault our boss, stood in his visitors chair or sat on his desk as he claims.”

However, Coleman alleged that while the two were s insulting him, they made several phone calls to “vanguard forces” from the headquarters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to back them up in their pursuit, including an alleged call to Police Chief Patrick Sudue requesting six ERU officers to come to drag him (Coleman) out of his office.

“To avoid the uncontrollable provocation, I decided to leave the office at which time they both tried to restrain me from leaving. Members of the staff were able to create a wall around me allowing me to safely leave the office. Both Deputies did not stop there, they used their vehicles and deployed the DDGC Office Assistant and thugs who respond to their call to block the entrance and the exit of the Bureau, preventing me from leaving the compound,” Coleman charged.

The Bureau’s DDGA, Daddy Gibson, told LINA that their boss does not recognize them as his deputies but as ordinary staff.

“I was disenchanted by the way and manner in which my boss seized the vehicle that was assigned to me through the office of the Deputy Director of Concessions and also sidelining me from all financial and administrative matters relating to our entity,” Gibson indicated.

He also stated that he was embarrassed by the way the DG addressed the DDGC, “when we went to his office in request of my assigned car keys.”

“What makes a man shame makes him angry so there was a commotion between us but not physical assault as he mentioned in his communication,” Gibson stressed.

According to Gibson, given the terms and reference of the NBC, he is the one responsible for administrative issues as well as financial matters but his boss Coleman has excluded him from all activities.

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