Liberia: As UP Led Gov’t Tenure Ends, Public Officials Ruin Offices, Several Call On Police To Act ASwiftly

Police Inspector General. Gregory Coleman

As the government of Africa’s first female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ends her tenure with the inauguration of the world’s football legend, Senator George Manneh Weah as Liberia’s 25th President on January 22, offices occupy by current government officials are said to be vandalized by their respective occupants.

GNN investigation over the past two weeks has discovered that several public offices including ministries and agencies whose bosses feel that the have no room in the upcoming CDC leg Government have resolved to collect whatever their hands can lay on including office furniture, computers and mini fridges for their home and other locations.

Some of the offices visited by a team of GNN reporters also discovered how some of those effected ministries and agencies’ employees are perplexed over the situation of their bosses, noting that it is unfortunate to see people who professes to be highly educated to behave like this; ignoring that government is continuity.

Ordinary Liberians and other officials of the current Liberian Government have sharply reacted to this action on the part of those public officials who have resolved to devastate their respective offices ahead of the takeover of the CDC led Government of Senator George Weah.

“It is a bad habit on the part of those public officials, they must be called to order by the executive as to what reason they have for such uncivilized attitude. I am flabbergasted of this news,” Charles Tucker of Monrovia speaking to the GNN said.

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