LIBERIA: In The Wake Of Boycott, Minister Tarpeh Assures Business Community Of Gov’t’s Intervention

Following a planned action beginning next Tuesday for a boycott of all activities of the National Port Authority (NPA) by the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, a voice of the business community of more than three hundred business institutions including Liberian and foreign businesses effective March 5, 2019, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh on Friday, March 1, 2019 in a called meeting with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce assured of government’s support in resolving the current impasse, but expressed serious concern and disappointment of the boycott.

The Commerce Minister during the Friday’s meeting with officials of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce and the Business Community said the planned boycott as was being announced publicly took him by surprise and further questioned that he felt the Government of Liberia and the business community were working together to find a common solution for everyone, but instead was to the contrary.

Minister Tarpeh speaking at the meeting noted that he has already spoken to various key companies and organizations within the private sector to fully understand the situation at hand, and further said, by the Liberia Chamber of Commerce calling for a boycott in the middle of negotiation means it would like to close the door.

He assured both the LCC and the Business Community that the Government of Liberia is still interested in resolving the issue. For its part the Chamber requested one again the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to “seize implementation of the Cargo Tracking Number (CTN) effective March 1, 2019 until all parties, the Liberia Chamber of Commerce and the Government of Liberia/National Port Authority can finalize negotiations”.

At the end of the meeting, the Liberia’s Commerce Minister assured the LCC and the Business Community of responding to their request on Monday, March 4, 2019.

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