LIBERIA: “I Will Not Return To Liberia Until The Economic Hardship Is Reduced” – Businessman Tells GNN

By Our Staff

Flash Back: Some businesses closing down

Many foreign businesses nowadays are folding up from Liberia venturing in neighboring countries for improved climate, noting that they will return once the economic climate in Liberia gains its normal days structure.

Speaking to the GNN via mobile phone from Sierra Leone, one of the deserted Lebanese businessmen and proprietor of one of Liberia’s oldest brand new cars dealer, said his departure from the country is a result of bad economic climate in Liberia under the CDC-led government.

Apart from the Lebanese businessman, several others have established their chain of businesses in neighboring countries including Guinea, Sierra Leone and other countries aimed at improving their business status, and to gain improved revenue intake.

As the Lebanese unceremoniously depart Liberia for other countries for improved business climate, the Fulas have now taken over the Liberian economic, with many of them building huge structures in Monrovia and its environs, while others are purchasing several acres of land to be used as their personal properties.

The purchasing of these huge properties wallop the minds of many Liberians and other foreign residents to wonder as to the rapid acquisition of these properties, hoping that it is not link to money laundering.

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