Huge Henry Costa’s Supporters Up To Night Fall Eagerly Await His Arrival At RIA

Costa supporters at the RIA awaiting his arrival

Dozens of Henry Petro Costa supporters, the lead campaigner of the December 30th protest say they will spend sleepless night at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) for the arrival of their leader who report said is currently in the Ghanaian capital, Accra to Liberia.

A Correspondent of the GNN who stationed at the airport, said huge crowd believed to be supporters of Costa have been at the airport since noon Tuesday, December 17, 2019 singing pro-Henry Costa songs as many including plain clothes security looked on.

Many of those who spoke to the GNN, said they are overwhelmed to see the arrival of their ‘Hero’ who they said have over the years advocated for the rights of the Liberian people, stressing that his arrival in the country will give them more strength to form part of the December 30th protest.

“We have resolved to protest on that day for our rights, we have suffered for too long in the hands of these evil people; it is about time that we stand for firm’ enough is enough,” one of the pro-Henry Costa supporters in a chat with the GNN last night said.

For others who had gone to the airport to receive their relatives and friends expressed fear of any eventuality  that would have the propensity to create an unbearable  will scene, “We hope the arrival of Costa this night will not cause some of our guests who are expected to arrive to encounter chaotic situation amid the presence of security here,” a gentleman who only identified himself as Nathan, speaking to the GNN noted.

Few days ago, the government of Liberia through the Deputy Minister of Information for Public Affairs, Eugene Fahngon announced recently the arrest of Henry Costa upon arriving to Liberia, while at the same announcing other measures which include the request by the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) of National Identification Card from Liberians who are returning home.

This new measure by the Liberian government through the LIS baffle many who are wondering as to what give rise to such move, expressing fear that many new arrivals who do not have such ID will encounter problem with the LIS and other state security.

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