LIBERIA: Following Statement Of ‘Misplaced Of Protest Date” July 24, By U.S. Embassy, It Is Now Set For 31st

Mr. Henry P. Costa, one of the lead organizers of the COP

Following a issuing of strongly worded statement by the United States embassy near this capital, Monrovia that the earlier planned July 24, 2019 planned ‘Safe the State’ protest by the Council of Patriots (COP) was ‘Misplaced’, it has been reported on social media that the organizers of the protest have now resolved to put the date at July 31, 2019 instead.

The United States embassy statement signed by its current Ambassador, Christine Elder and issued on July 18, 2019, questioned the planned protest, saying “the intent to do so during the week of July 22 is misplaced,”  making reference of the nation’s 172nd Independence Day celebration scheduled on July 26, 2019.

Noting further, U.S. envoy in the statement said, “Particularly from a group carrying the banner ‘Council of Patriots’ and from a group which avows that patriotism remains central to their efforts, staging such actions as they have outlined, during independence celebrations, would instead convey a lack of commitment to national development.”   “Events surrounding upcoming national celebrations should be devoid of partisan promotion or posturing, focusing instead on working together for the common good of the Liberian people.”

This latest date set scheduled by the COP has been welcomed by many Liberians, mentioning on social media that this move by the organizers of the COP is considered as a ‘Brilliant’ decision taken lauding the COP of the new date set.

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