“Diarrhea Killing Us Due To The Lack Of Safe Drinking Water”,- Gorgban Community In District # Four Complains

From Wroinbee Tiah | GNN Correspondent | Grand Bassa County |

L/R: Elders of the Community that lacks safe drinking water are sadly pictured here,  while the creek where water for cooking and drinking is been fetched is also pictured here

The unwanted death of inhabitants of the Gorgbehn Community in Wayzohn City, Grand Bassa County are urgently appealing to humanitarians organizations to quickly come to their aid in providing safe drinking water to their community.

The Community Leader of  are identified as Maxson Quarter, said the over one thousand residents of the area are dying on a regular basis due to the lack of safe drinking water, a situation he hampering the needs of residents in the area.

“We the residents in this community are plenty, but instead of getting a safe drinking water, our women and children on a daily basis fetched in unsafe creeks for drinking and cooking water which is not safe for our health,” Mr. Quarter speaking to our Correspondent stressed.

He said prior to the creek present condition, they were partly safe for drinking, but noted that since the detour of the road was created by the three logging companies in the district, it has stopped the free flow of the creek, which has eventually led to it been unsafe to drink or cook.

James Dologan Jacob,  senior Elder of the town sobbed that diarrhea keeps hampering them, something he says might lead to their deaths if nothing is done, adding,  “I am calling on humanitarians, politicians, and NGOs to come to our aid because we are dying gradually”.

Elder Jacob stressed that they have been undergoing a lack of safe drinking for over five years, ” We have cried over and over but nobody to help us and so we want the outside world to come to our aid,” he told the GNN.

Meanwhile, Mayor Edwin Weljay of Wayzohn City confirmed that the Gorgbarhn Community is in need of a hand pump. He said he has been moving around asking partners to help but it has yielded no fruit.

“I want to join them to call on humanitarians and NGOs to help them because the City is not capacitated now to meet their need”. The lack of safe drinking water in rural areas is an age-old dilemma in Grand Bassa. Several towns and villages in the rural parts of the County have also complained .

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