LIBERIA: Despite of Thunderous Rains Fall, Senator Dillon’s Campaign Heats Up

Supporters of Senator Abraham Darius Dillon bid for reelection have vowed to remain in the heavy down pour of rains for the final campaign rally for their candidate at all cost, noting that nothing can prevent them from today’s rally.

Some of the supporters in their rains gear as the heavy downpour rages on who spoke to the GNN amid the rains said they are prepared to campaign for their candidate (Senator Dillon) for his reelection.

“My brother, nothing can prevent us today amid the downpour of rains to stop our bid for the reelection of Senator ADD, meaning Abraham Darius Dillon is the man we carrying for the Senate on December 8,” Saralyn Brown Davies in a chat with the GNN stressed.

Like Saralyn, others who spoke to our staff in the rains reechoed similar in her during the down pour of rains. Following their persistence in their numbers to continue their final campaign rally, the rains finally seized.

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