Court Drops Indictment Against Ex-LAA Boss Corkrum For “Embezzlement”

Ellen Corkrum, former Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority

Criminal Court “C” has dismissed the indictment drawn against Ellen Corkrum, former Managing Director of         the Liberia Airport Authority for allegedly stealing over US$1millions from the Government of Liberia.

Criminal Court “C” Presiding Judge Nancy F. Sammy dismissed the case against Corkrum following a motion for nolle prosequi filed by           prosecution lawyers against the indictment drawn against Corkrum who taken to court in 2013.

Nolle prosequoi, in legal terms, means a formal notice of abandonment by a plaintiff or prosecutor of all, or part, of a legal suit or action.

According to prosecution lawyers, this case has been pending before the court since 2013 up to and without having the opportunity to serve the respondent with the indictment or writ of arrest so as to bring her under the jurisdiction of the court.

Prosecution further requested court to dismiss said indictment, complaint or a count contained therein, as to either all of the defendants, noting that prosecution shall thereupon terminate to the extent indicted in the dismissal.

Following prosecution request, Judge Nancy F. Sammy said that the Republic of Liberia has its responsibility; and they also have their responsibility to prosecute all crimes in this country.

“Since it is the Republic of Liberia that indicted the movant and it is the same Republic of Iberia that has come and entered or requested the court to nolle prosequoi this case, this court hereby grants the said motion in keeping with Section 18.1 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

Wherefore in view of the foregoing the movant motion is hereby granted and the indictment drawn in 2013 is hereby dismissed without prejudice to the state and it is hereby so ordered, Judge Sammy ruled.

In 2013, the special grand Jurors indicted Ellen Corkrum, former managing director of the LAA along with Musa Bility, chairman of the board of the Liberia airport authority of the city of Monrovia, Diaspora Consulting LLC thru Momar  Dieng and Momar Dieng both of the US and the Liberian Bank for Development and  investment  (LBDI) by and thru the president John B.S. Davies and general manager Gloria Menjor and all authorized representatives of the LBDI Bank of the city of Monrovia  did conspired to, and did do commit the crimes of economic sabotage in flagrant violation of Liberian law. The defendants were indicted for over US$1million.

Meanwhile, the court has finally dismissed the indictment against madam Corkrum

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