LIBERIA: 16 Persons Under Probe For Allegedly Killing A Crocodile

Sixteen persons are undergoing investigation for their alleged involvement in the secret killing of a crocodile in Barziwen Town in Zorzor District, Lofa County.

Local authorities in Zorzor District are investigating the 12 men and four women of the area.

The investigation by local authorities comes in the wake of serious concerns raised by residents of Barziwen Town about the alleged secret killing of the animal by the suspects while on a fishing expedition in a nearby river and extracting its bladder that contains some poisonous substance.

The accused admitted committing the act following pressure from the citizens of the town, but up to present have not shown the precise site where the animal’s bladder was disposed of by them.

The bladder contains a greenish fluid that is dangerous for human consumption, the citizens said.

Because of this, citizens and stakeholders of Barziwen and local authorities of the district are deeply concerned about the whereabouts of the animal’s bladder, something that prompted the probe of the accused to avoid future disaster in Zorzor District and Lofa as whole.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joseph Badell, Commissioner of Zorzor District has urged residents of Barziwen Town to remain calm while local and traditional leaders of the district continue their investigation into the alleged secret killing of the creature without disclosing it to citizens of the town and the district.

Sources said it is a law in every town and village in Lofa County that anyone who kills a crocodile must have the citizens informed so that the bladder will be disposed of or burned publicly to avoid unscrupulous individuals from using it to poison others.


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