Key witness in murder trial says defendant is killer

By Michaelangelo Conte | The Jersey Journal |

JERSEY CITY — The prosecution’s key witness took the stand today in the murder trial of Isaiah Huggins and without hesitation said Huggins is the man who murdered 17-year-old Darnell Rush in 2016.

“He killed Rondell Rush,” Romance Morrison, 19, of Jersey City, said of Huggins when asked by the prosecutor why he and Huggins’ friendship had ended.

The prosecution’s key witness in the murder trial of Isaiah Huggins is the real killer who gunned down Rondell Rush last year, according to the defense’s opening statement yesterday.

Huggins, now 18, was 16 years old when he was charged with the April 26, 2016, murder of Rush who was shot in the head in the area of Fulton Avenue near Martin Luther King Drive.

The defense contends Morrison is the real killer. Huggins looked on without emotion as his former friend told jurors that Huggins is the killer. Morrison was very soft-spoken and was repeatedly asked by the judge to keep his voice up and speak into the microphone.

Morrison said on the day of the killing he met with Huggins around Wilkinson and Ocean avenues and Huggins said, “Let’s go fight Rondell.”

When Hudson County Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mullens asked Morrison why he went with Huggins, he said, “To fight.”

Morrison said they walked off to “go look for” Rush and found him on Fulton near MLK. Morrison said Huggins and Rush exchanged words and “Isaiah pulled out a gun.” The witness said he turned and ran, and about two seconds elapsed between the time the gun came out and shots were heard.


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