Inland Cellular Selects Parallel Wireless for Cost-Effective 4G Expansion

Innovative Partnership Delivers 4G Coverage and Capacity While Enabling 5G Migration

  • Contract includes densification, expansion and upgrade of Inland Cellular’s network where Parallel Wireless provides 3GPP standards-based Open RAN hardware and network software
  • End-to-end 5G-native solution to future-proof Inland Cellular’s current network
  • Enables Inland Cellular to offer VoLTE to improve voice quality and service for their customers
Supporting Images: Chip Damato, Director of Business Strategy, Inland Cellular (center), with Jason Tiner, Sales Engineer (left) and Steve Libbey, VP of Sales, NA (right), Parallel Wireless:

NASHUA, N.H. – May 20, 2019 – Parallel Wireless, Inc., the leading US-based Open vRAN company delivering the world’s only software-based, All G (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) end-to-end network solutions for coverage and capacity, today announced that Inland Cellular, a leading wireless communications company in the inland Northwest United States, has selected Parallel Wireless to deliver cost-effective 4G LTE coverage expansion and 5G upgradability.

A key goal of Inland Cellular’s network expansion is to continue delivering exceptional LTE service to their end-users, businesses, and national roamers using Parallel Wireless’s cloud-native end-to-end architecture to quickly densify, upgrade, and future-proof their network for 5G.

This fully virtualized solution utilizes Parallel Wireless’s software-defined RRH operating in Band 71 (600 MHz), which is orchestrated by network software to make the network cloud-based, easy and cost-effective to deploy and, 5G ready. Using open interfaces, this solution has the flexibility to support various deployment scenarios, including urban densification, to help Inland Cellular easily and affordably deliver the best service and performance. Because the solution is 100% software-based, running on COTS hardware, Inland Cellular can rapidly deploy new features and services like IoT and smart homes. Migration from 4G to 5G is achieved through a simple software update, giving Inland Cellular the ability to stay profitable and offer unique services.

With Parallel Wireless’s Open RAN solution, Inland Cellular benefits from:

  • A cloud-native architecture that enables quick and easy deployments to immediately provide improved coverage and capacity for end-users;
  • Full interoperability with Inland Cellular’s legacy architecture which eliminates the costly need to rip and replace hardware, thus ensuring continuous service for local and roaming subscribers as they upgrade their network;
  • A 5G-native solution that can be easily upgraded to 5G via a simple software update, enabling efficiency and profitability for Inland Cellular and new services for their customers.

Supporting quotes

Chip Damato, Director of Business Strategy, Inland Cellular, said “Working with Parallel Wireless has been incredible as their rapid deployment capabilities are allowing Inland Cellular to quickly and cost-effectively expand our 4G LTE network as well as implement VoLTE on a larger scale over a shorter period of time. With the software-based approach of Parallel Wireless, we’re investing not only in network expansions for today, but also in delivering new initiatives and services to our subscribers with a 5G-native architecture.”

Steve Libbey, VP of Sales for North America, Parallel Wireless, said “We’re excited to work with  Inland Cellular to deliver an exceptional customer-focused wireless experience throughout urban and rural communities. This partnership allows Inland Cellular to expand their world-class network as they look to provide enhanced services for their end-users. As the first customer through the CCA partnership announced last month, we are excited to cost-effectively deliver the coverage and capacity demands for Inland Cellular’s customers.”

About Inland Cellular

Inland Cellular is a regionally owned and operated wireless communications company that provides nationwide voice, data and IoT services throughout the Inland Northwest. Inland Cellular is focused on enhancing mobile life with an exceptional customer focused wireless experience. Proudly Living Inland Since 1989.

About Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless is the only US company challenging legacy vendors globally with the industry’s only unified 2G/3G/4G/5G software-enabled solutions. This cloud-native network architecture redefines network economics for global MNOs in coverage and capacity deployments while paving the way to 5G efficiently and cost-effectively. The company is engaged with many leading operators worldwide and has been named as a best performing vendor by Telefonica and Vodafone. Parallel Wireless’s innovation and excellence in multi-technology Open virtualized RAN solutions has been recognized with 65+ industry awards. Connect with Parallel Wireless on LinkedIn and Twitter

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