In India record spike of 15,372 cases, 423 deaths

India registered its biggest single-day spike yet again on Sunday with 15,372 patients testing positive for Covid, taking the country’s caseload to 4,26,397. For the first time, the country’s daily fatality count crossed the 400-mark — barring June 16 when adding backdated deaths by Maharashtra and Delhi governments took that day’s count to 2003 — with 423 casualties recorded on Sunday. The country’s cumulative death toll now is 13,695.

The spike in both fatalities and fresh cases was contributed to a large extent by Maharashtra. With 3,870 fresh cases, the state’s caseload has risen to 1,32,075. And with 186 deaths — some of which took place earlier and were added to the count only on Sunday — the state crossed the 6,000-mark, taking the cumulative death count to 6,170. Mumbai accounted for 1,159 news cases and 110 deaths.

Delhi registered a drop in both fresh cases and fatalities. While 3,000 tested positive against Saturday’s 3630, deaths on Sunday were 63 against 77 the previous day. The capital’s cumulative caseload is 59,746 while the toll has reached 2,175.

Source: The Times of India

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