In House Of Representatives Speakership Election, Rep Koon Concedes Defeat Congratulates Speaker Koffa

Amid lawsuit filed by the authority of the Unity Party (UP) against the newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa, the defeated candidate for the speakership, Representative Richard Nagbe Koon has conceded defeat and further congratulated Speaker Koffa, and pledged to working with him in the interest of the Liberian people.

Speaking on state radio, ELBC, the UP Stalwart who is also Representative of Montserrado County District 11, said, he has conceded defeat, and promised to working with the new Speaker, noting that they all will work together in the interest of the country and its people.

Early this week following the pronouncement that Rep Koffa has won the speakership election, the leadership of the Unity Party (UP) filed a lawsuit against the newly elected Speaker of the 55th National Legislature, questioning his citizenship as American citizen.

Some Liberians who heard about the lawsuit against the Speaker by the UP, wondered as to what gave reason of such action by the incoming ruling Unity Party, when in fact he served that august House for six years as Deputy Speaker without questioning his citizenship.

However, those spoken by the GNN said they are looking forward for the outcome of the UP lawsuit against the Speaker amid the conceding defeat by its candidate, Rep Koon.

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