How cancellation of Royal Air Maroc flight affected passengers

Passengers traveling to Accra, Brazzaville and Monrovia have expressed disappointment over the cancellation of their flights by the authorities of Royal Air Maroc.

The passengers were traveling from various destinations on transit via Casablanca in Morocco.

A number of stranded passengers who were at the Mohammed V International Airport on Friday August 10, 2018, observed that they were not notified about the cancellation.

Information gathered from these passengers indicated that some were in Morocco for the past two days due to the flight cancellation.

When the passengers got to the airport and wanted to transit, they were told the flights had been cancelled but no reasons were given.

After waiting for long hours, an official from the airline finally confirmed the cancellation and indicated the next departure time for the passengers to Accra and Monrovia.

The flight for Accra was fixed at 10:00 am on Saturday, August 11 while the flight for Monrovia was fixed at the same time.

A passenger travelling from Italy, Mr Francis Fosu, indicated that the airline should have notified passengers via text or email.

He said on arrival in Accra, he sent a complaint to his travel agent, who purchased the ticket for him, adding that he would sue the airline.

Another passenger travelling from Geneva, Mr Harold Aryitey, said the situation was disrespectful to the African travelers and said the cancellation of the flights by the airline was a regular occurrence without explanations.

Mr Eric Antwi, who was traveling from New York said he had contacted his lawyer and further action would be taken.

A passenger from Monrovia, who spoke French and was interpreted into English said, the situation was bad, because the airline had not given him food to eat.

“I have not even taken my bath since l arrived at the airport,” he added.

Passengers were given temporary accommodation with some snacks to manage the situation.

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