Mount Druitt’s ‘Home and Away’: new soap opera showcases the western Sydney Liberian comedy group ‘real’ Australia

Photo: Where is Home? follows a family of refugees who arrive in Summer Bay, but move to Mount Druitt. (Supplied: Dean Cross and Lib Comedy)

The pilot episode of a new soap opera produced by an Indigenous artist and performed by a western Sydney Liberian comedy group, aims to show audiences that there is more to Australia than Summer Bay.

Where is Home? premiered at the live event Druitt Days Live in Mount Druitt this week.

The pilot episode followed a family of Liberian refugees who initially arrived in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, before deciding to move west to the suburb of Mount Druitt.

Produced by Dean Cross, the episode challenges the ‘whiteness’ of Australian TV.

“It’s the 30th anniversary of Home and Away this year, and I have questions around its function — the cultural function and social function of those mediums,” Mr. Cross said.

While Mr. Cross used to love watching the soap opera, he began to question why his life was not the same and said it encouraged him to create a ‘realistic Summer Bay’ for Australian screens.

“You just have to walk down any street in any city even in remote places, to know that Australia’s not white,” he said.

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