Hezbollah chief warns of civil war, says Israel exploiting Lebanon protests

Terror chief says though the demonstrations began spontaneously they are now being manipulated by domestic and regional rivals; Hezbollah supporters clash with demonstrators

By TOI staff and Agencies|

Supporters of the Hezbollah terror group drive in a convoy in support of its leader Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, in the area of Fatima’s Gate in Kfar Kila on the Lebanese border with Israel, October 25, 2019. (Ali Dia/AFP)

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Friday warned that recent massive anti-government protests in Lebanon could plunge the country into civil war, accusing Israel and other countries of working to take advantage of the demonstrations to fuel unrest.

The head of the Iran-backed terror organization spoke as the protests, which initially were triggered by new proposed taxes that followed public spending cuts, dragged on into a ninth day.

Nasrallah said though the protests began as a popular expression of anger against corruption and deepening economic crisis, they were now being exploited by political rivals and international and regional powers who oppose Hezbollah.

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