GNN Liberia CEO, Joel Cholo Brooks

GNN-Liberia Partnership With Ghanaian Films Producer, Mooreplus Multimedia

In order to promote African movies worldwide, a Ghanaian based Films Producer Company, Mooreplus Multimedia has entered into a partnership with one of Liberia’s leading media outlets, the Global News Network (GNN-Liberia) to feature on their respective platforms many of its movies.

In the partnership agreement, both parties agreed to carry out a barter of module of promotion and advertisement with the responsibilities of both listed below:

Mooreplus Multimedia agrees to render the following

  • End credit
  • Display media logo at the end of every movie
  • Mention media company in our publications and promotion

Media Company agrees to offer the following

  • Offer print media publications for Mooreplus Multimedia
  • Offer online publication and promotion

The main objective of this two years contract is to introduce parties to a new and wilder audience, and to command traffic to the print and online media.

With this partnership, these two Liberian media outlets are to highlight latest productions of Mooreplus Multimedia with the start of the latest movie, “When I Die” is expected to hit global screen on September 24th, 2023.

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