George Floyd death: How long will Derek Chauvin trial last?

The trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of killing George Floyd, has started.

Onlookers in the US city of Minneapolis took video showing Mr Chauvin – who’s white – kneeling on the neck of Mr Floyd, who was black. The incident sparked protests in the US and across the world against police brutality and racism.

What happened to George Floyd?

The 46-year-old bought a pack of cigarettes at a convenience store in South Minneapolis on the evening of 25 May 2020.

A shop assistant believed he had used a counterfeit $20 bill and called the police after Mr Floyd refused to give the cigarettes back.

Officers arrived and handcuffed him but when they tried to put him into the squad car, he resisted. A struggle ended with Mr Floyd face down on the street.

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