LIBERIA: Dozens Of Women Protesting In Maryland County, Blocks Roads In Pleebo, Harper, Calling For Justice

From: E. Varney Kamah~ GNN Correspondent, Maryland County*

The lifeless body of the motorcycle who was allegedly murdered by unknown persons

Hundreds of women have reportedly blocked roads in Pleebo and Harper, Maryland County calling for immediate justice for a young motorcycle rider identified as Mocdia Nyema who was brutally murdered by unknown men in Harper.

Mocdia Nyema, a 12th grade student of the Pleebo High School lifeless body was discovered early this month, March, 2021, and the incident took place in Bessiken around the Maryland Oil Palm Plantation in Pleebo District, Maryland County on the road leading to Grand Kru County.

According to eyewitness, the Motorcyclist was found dead and that which creates a very sad situation in the Maryland County.

The alleged perpetrator has reportedly been arrested by the Liberia National Police in Maryland County for his alleged link to the murder on 25 of March 2021 therefore, he’s currently at the Harper Police station.

According to our Corresppondent, the women all wearing blacks are calling fr an immediate investigation in order to bring the perpetrator to justice.

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