FREETOWN: Anti-SLPP government protest and sit-down strike paralyze Sierra Leone once again


The capital, Freetown, and some major towns in Sierra Leone have been paralyzed once again by another anti-government protest and sit-home strike designed to send a very strong message again to the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) government that the people are fed up with their incompetent leadership and the hardship, uncontrollable price hikes of food and basic commodities, rampant corruption, tribalism, human rights abuses and disrespect for women, the rule of law and the constitution.

The city and its surburbs are ghost towns once again as businesses and schools are closed ; street hawkers and sellers, public transport drivers and workers in the administrative districts of major towns stayed home in compliance with the strike and life is paralyzed everywhere.

The protest this time , which has been planned during the past two or three weeks , is supposed to continue till Wednesday, when it will climax with street demonstrations, according to organizers.

The organization that planned this latest action against the SLPP calls itself the PPP–People’s Power in Politics –and is led by the popular social media commentator in Holland, Adebayor , who is described as King by his many listeners and supporters in Sierra Leone and around the world. This strike action has shown that Sierra Leoneans listen to Adebayor and they obey him, contrary to the belief held by the SLPP that he is a mere rabble- rouser.

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